Men are Gross, Women are Fine

I walked across the level, a small grass park in Brighton, the other day. It was in the glorious sun, and was thusly filled with scores of pasty Brits getting boozey and flinging Frisbees around, as pasty Brits are wont to do once the sun comes out.

I watched as all the women cack-handedly threw the Frisbee to the gentlemen they were playing with and thought to myself, not for the first time: ‘why do girls throw like a girl?’

I’ve always wondered if there is a biological root to this, or whether it’s more of a socio-cultural thing. I tweeted about it, perhaps rather insensitively, with the following text:

‘Is there an underlying biological or neurological reason why women can’t throw properly?’

Needless to say, I got a bit of a backlash from that.

For some, it was a miscommunication, but for plenty of other fine ladies out there, it was a shock and an outrage. How dare I say women can’t throw properly?

I’m not even going to explain what I mean, but I think everyone knows what I’m trying to say. With exceptions, women look a bit spastic when throwing, in general, and have worse accuracy, power and distance.

 Except of course the ‘woman’ Fatima Whitbread. I am fat with bread [ANAG, 15].

A friend suggested it’s the way they pivot on their leading foot. Forum dwellers have posited rather base arguments dating back to the stone age. That seems to be the simpleton, idiot bloke answer, to draw it back to cave-men throwing rocks at dogs or whatever.

I did a bit of research on the old inter-tubes that they’ve got these days , which is pretty much infallible, or so I’ve ‘erd. Amidst all the rubbish about bone shape, joint structure, PE lessons and a flood of flat denials, I found some fascinating stuff.

Apparently studies have shown that through genetic reasons (like testosterone), which are then catalysed by social structures and memes (like norms regarding childhood play activities), males become better at ‘gross motor skills’, whereas women become greater at ‘fine motor skills’.

This manifests as men being better at unthinking, reactionary things, such as catching, throwing, playing videogames and also autonomous tasks such as independent problem-solving.

Women however, are much more patient and develop far greater skills at detailed tasks like sewing and proof-reading. They’re also far greater at short-term strategising and completing clearly-defined tasks such as jigsaws and other refined things.

Anyway, I found out lots of interesting things like this, which like any scientific research is not conclusive, but I found it struck a chord with me. It’s enough of a solution for me, and like almost everything in this field, it’s a combination of both nature and nurture.

My main issue with all this are the knee-jerk responses from women on the matter. They instantly think you’re criticising them or saying that they’re inferior. Who gives a shit? It may be a stereotype, but it’s bloody true.

Tell many a man he’s crap at multi-tasking, asking for directions or hand-writing and he won’t get instantly angry. He’ll either agree, shrug nonchalantly or just not listen to you at all.

A negative stereotype isn’t even necessarily a bad thing, and just because you don’t like the sound of it certainly does not mean it’s not true. I wish people would grow to accept (and even embrace) their differences, with both the rough and the smooth. It wouldn’t be considered racist if I declared that black people are faster than white people, in general, but if I extended that to black people being crap at swimming then it would be a supposedly abhorrent thing to say.

Why do some people carry this chip on their shoulder around with them, constantly over-reacting to any claims that they may not be equal to everyone else?

As a friend of mine might add, get over yourselves.


  1. Amazing, very funny and very true

  2. The knee jerk reaction from women may be, right or wrong, due to the hundreds of years of oppression and being treated as inferior. Men have not had to suffer this, therefore it is not such a sore point telling them they are 'all' rubbish at something.

    I don't necessarily agree with that, but I would hazard a guess that it is (at least part of) the reason.

    Oh, and I agree, girls can't throw.

  3. Political correctness gone mad. Broken Britain.

  4. Modern women haven't had to suffer it either, just their ancestors have. That shouldn't affect people's ability to react reasonably today.

    I wasn't suggesting just women over-react of course (all types of folk do), but it was a good example of the type of behaviour I was trying to describe

  5. My sympathy lies with all the female-owned dogs out there...