Shit Happening in Brighton this May

Pasty white Brits have been flocking to Brighton’s wonderful seafront and scenic parks in their thousands for the past couple of weeks now, idly throwing their Frisbees for five minutes at a time before noshing on their elaborate barbeque picnics. It’s as if Spring couldn’t be bothered to show up and Summer showed up to the party two months early like an overzealous but welcome guest. Funny what a spot of sunshine can do for public wellbeing.

With the sunshine also comes festivals, and May will see a plethora of such events held in our festival-obsessed city. Kicking things off is the Brighton Festival, which runs from the 7th to the 29th of May, and claims to offer three weeks of unrivalled arts celebration. Running concurrently is the Brighton Fringe Festival, which begins on the same day but runs a day longer, perhaps just to spite the other one. This slightly-but-pointlessly longer festival features a number of events, including cabaret, comedy, dance, theatre, film, literature and plenty more.

There is another festival also scheduled for this month, as the Great Escape returns with its handful of famous headliners and an endless list of bands you’ve never heard of. This is never such a bad thing however, and it’ll be a great chance to discover great new acts when the 300+ artists play through 12th-14th of May around various venues in town. Check BN1 for everything you need for all three festivals, or find out even more on their respective websites.

It wouldn’t be a Brighton monthly news piece without a mention of some obscure car convention held on Madeira Drive, and believe it or not, the MG Regency Run is set for the 8th of the month. It is exactly what it sounds like: lots of different MGs on a long bit of road, so head on down if that’s the kind of thing you like to do on a Sunday.

If you live in the centre of town and enjoy getting woken up on a Saturday morning by all manner of shouting, singing and loud noises then you can look forward to the Children’s Parade on the 7th, which is actually a rather pleasant celebration of something or other, and features hundreds of kids dressed brightly in garish costumes all blaring their mouths off in unison. Don’t miss it.

Elsewhere in Brighton, scores of artists are inviting you disgusting scumbags into their homes to ogle at their work and even kindly offer you the chance to buy it if you like. This year marks the thirtieth year the event has been staged and will run every weekend of May. Check for more information.
Outside the city we also have an FA Cup final, a Champions League final, the Premier League showdown, three Formula One grand prix including the famous Monte Carlo circuit, presumably a bit of golf and other sports, and of course a bloody Royal wedding. More importantly we have the referendum on the Alternative Vote on May 5th, which truly is an important day in modern politics and I urge you all to take part in it. Unless you vote ‘no’ of course. I’ll be voting no with my second choice.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that May 21st is going to be Judgement Day in the eyes of a significant religious and oddball minority, a precursor to the ultimate Apocalypse of mankind, which itself is scheduled for October. So keep that date free in your diary boys and girls in this action-packed and lovely ‘Spring’ month.

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