Shit Happening in Brighton this June

So despite all the obvious signs, the world didn’t end in May, meaning you probably cleared your schedule for June. Why did you assume you’d be hanging out with Jesus by this point? Don’t fret, God can wait. There’s stuff happening in Brighton instead.

So in the month that the events of Call of Duty 4 and Battle L.A. are supposed to be set, we will officially welcome in the Great British summer during the solstice, which is on the 21st. I think we can expect all this lovely sun to clear up about 5 minutes after summer is declared then, as the inevitable downpour begins.
Luckily the naked bike ride is planned for the 12th of June, while the weather’s still hot and warm, meaning you’ll get a great chance to bare everything your parents gave to you in glorious sunshine, whilst also admiring the hundreds of wonderful tits and willies around you as you cycle your way through the city.

The Brighton Japan Festival begins on the 18th, and runs for eight days. Everyone knows Japan is the coolest country in existence, and rather than champion the underwear of some anthropomorphic cartoon schoolgirl-cat thing, this festival embraces the fantastic food, drink, music and culture from the land of the rising sun. It should be good.

The main event we’ve got our eyes on isn’t actually in June at all, rather it begins at the start of July. On the weekend of the 2nd, the residents of Brighton will have the chance the chance to witness the best the sea, air and land have to offer down on Hove seafront. They’ve got music. They’ve got charity. They’ve got extreme sports. They’ve got food. They’ve got a ridiculous paddle-related competition. They’ve got disabled access. They’ve got David Hasselhoff. No promises on that last one. If this all sounds like something out of your wildest dreams and beyond the limits of your wallets: don’t worry, it’s completely free - though it’d be nice if you donated a little dollar while you’re there.

The day before D-Day (that’s the 5th, folks) is when wildlife enthusiasts embark upon Stanmer Park for the annual Springwatch festival. Again, this bad boy is free and is the number one place to get involved in local wildlife and see some of the best human and animal entertainment available. Oh, and Morris Dancing.
Elsewhere in Brighton this June: Brighton fashion week, a wedding event, an art deco fair, a murder mystery night, a photographic treasure hunt, a creative speed-dating evening, the Kemptown carnival and a James Bond night. Get involved. Go to them all. 

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