Review: Egyptian Hip Hop

Egyptian Hip Hop are anything but what the name implies. In fact, for a band that sounds interesting and unique, they are actually infinitely dull and standard. Take any four band members from any modern run-of-the-mill band out there, clad them in skinny jeans, snip and dye their hair into something trendy and extravagant and voila! There you have your Egyptian Hip Hop. Although I may be being harsh here, the band failed to captivate any sense of wonder or engage with the crowd, as each song blandly blurred into the next.

Admittedly, Horatio’s on the pier is a fascinatingly odd and surreal venue; a weird, scummy function room complete with fake stained-glass, thick, garish carpets and a cheap polished wooden decor, but the place was still full to capacity at the start of the gig. The end of the gig however, was another matter, with only around 50% of the initial turnout still absent-mindedly bobbing along to the songs. While Egyptian Hip Hop were by no means a bad band, or indeed did they give a bad performance – it’s just there was absolutely nothing remarkable about either their stage presence, appearance or the music itself. I suppose it goes someway into explaining why they chose such a mysterious name: to mask the mediocrity of this uninteresting Mancunian musical four-piece.

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