Review: C-Mon & Kypski

These Dutch electro-party nutters were the last act listed for the whole festival, playing in the newly revamped Jam at 1am on Saturday night. After their debut album ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ covered literally a completely different genre for each track, I really had no idea whatsoever what to expect from this gig. Although C-mon & Kypski (confusingly, there are four of them) did flit from genre to genre, they generally stuck to electro-pop-indie-dance-polka-reggae... erm.... which is pretty narrow if you’ve heard their album.

The gig was replete with solo sections of scratching, crowd interaction and choreography, elevating the otherwise fairly regular music into a fun and engaging experience. Of the eighty or so people that showed up, most were fairly uninterested at the start, with the English-sung rock songs failing to invoke any wildness and the low ceiling preventing those only casually listening from witnessing the antics occurring on-stage. As the set drifted into ever more unusual song-types, instruments and languages, many in the venue perked up to see if it really was still the same band playing. The gig wore on, gathering another ten active audience members with each song; crowd-pleasers like the double-guitar and synchronised dance moves did much to increase the crowd’s interaction. By the time the gig was drawing to a close,

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