Review: The Big Pink

The Big Pink enjoyed a headline slot at what is one the best venues on the seafront – Digital. Starting late, the band was forced to cut their set short which displeased both them and the fans. Digital is perfectly set-up for gigs of this scale; the sound system and light set-ups are certainly superior to most of the other Great Escape locations. The gig was powerful and intense, with the slow, drums-driven ‘Too Young To Love’ opening the band’s setlist, which gradually intensified throughout before climaxing in the fan-favourite ‘Dominoes’, provoking a fun and wild sing-a-long from the crowd at the end. Disappointingly however, was The Big Pink’s heavy reliance on synthesised and pre-recorded sounds. The drummer, while surely talented, often only played half of the beat, leaving the more complex rhythms to the electronic drum machine. Similarly, fabricated vocal tracks were used in place of a female singer. These small issues coupled with a short 30 minute set may have left many somewhat let down, though as long as ‘not enough music’ is one of the complaints aimed at them, I’m sure The Big Pink will be happy.

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