Preview: Glastonbury 2010

Boh no! U2 to headline Glastonbury!

Note: this Glastonbury turned out to be my favourite ever, with amazing music, a U2 cancellation and sunny weather completely outshining England's woeful loss to Germany.

Another year, another Glastonbury: the UK’s most notorious festival returns again on Wednesday 23rd of June, with the ‘resale’ batch of tickets soon becoming available on April 11th. The line-up details are as scant as they always are, but the rumours of potential comebacks and cameos are equally rife. The festival will undoubtedly sell out yet again, though there is a cloud of pessimism lingering over this year’s show and it’s not just the obligatory annual rainstorm. First up, only the stubbornly pretentious will be deny awareness of the World Cup; ‘the only event bigger than the Olympics’ will likely not be on the minds of many of the mud-drenched, peace-loving hippies but the recent commercialisation of the site means that there will be many football-loving regulars that may opt out of splashing the £185, or even worse will dampen the mood significantly when England inevitably crash out on the Saturday night.

Adding to the poor omens is the growing competition and saturation of the UK festival scene, which is forever providing more and more diverse and wonderful opportunities to watch bands, sleep in tents, piss in a plastic cubicle and all the other trimmings that summer festivals afford. Glastonbury has also yet again booked a headliner that is devoid of talent or taste, as U2 have been confirmed as one of the weekend’s lead acts. Honestly, they may as well book Sting and Celine Dion and just be done with it – being famous and popular shouldn’t be the only criteria consider when planning a festival.
Nevertheless, there is substantial merit behind the amazing reputation that Glastonbury enjoys, and these petty cynicisms aside (because we all know it’s not about football or even the music) Glastonbury 2010 is surely going to be the festival of the summer and should rightly be anticipated with all the gusto that usually surrounds the prestigious event.

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