The Develop Games Pub Quiz

In classic British weather conditions (the pissing rain), the annual Develop pub quiz took place in the shelter of a swanky London bar, Sway. Brink developer and last year’s champions were present at the event and eager to retain their title, though any ill feeling or resentment leftover from last year was soon lost in the upbeat and pleasant atmosphere, made up in no small part due to the free bar.

Other UK game developers lurked around in the underground venue, nervously networking and necking booze as the quiz got underway. No-one was sure whether the questions would be game-related or general knowledge, so when the first category was announced as ‘corporations’, a sigh was heard around the room. Question One: Which game would you find Ryan Industries in? So, yeah these questions were about games. Some of the others were Black Mesa, Vault-tec, Umbrella, Ultor, Czerka Industries and Silph Co. Can you beat most of the people responsible for making games, by actually managing to place them all in their relevant gaming universes? I was amazed at how low the scores were, considering everyone there worked in the games industry, though everyone managed at least four out of ten.

Riding high on confidence, many in the room chose the subsequent round to be their ‘joker’, a double points round, as it was to be a picture round. Only after teams had selected this as their joker did the hosts decide to announce that it was Guess which Warner Bros. characters form the silhouette pictured. Brix were shat.
The following rounds alternated between games and general quizzing, with my personal highlights being match the soundbyte to the game and the HUD-removed, camera angle-modified screenshot round. I totally got P.N.03 from an impossibly bland screenshot of a white corridor, and completely failed to remember what the hell one of these was.

Anyway, eight rounds and as many beers later, the quiz was over and the scores were in. Who were the cleverest UK game developer then? The answer to that is Dead to Rights: Retribution developer Blitz Game Studios. The worst? That would be the awesome team behind last year’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Studios. So now you know what the glamorous lifestyle of UK game development is like. It’s like that EVERY NIGHT. Only it’s not. It’s usually more lonely than that, and with less glamour, but with the same amount of alcohol.

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