Back in May 2008, we reported how some poor gamer had their "theGAYERgamer" gamertag banned by Microsoft, on the grounds that it was inappropriate. More recently, a guy sold his "Hitman" gamertag for a tidy pouch of beans on eBay to someone who presumably thought this was a cool thing to have. These stories, among others have inspired me to explore just exactly makes a good gamertag or PSN name, or rather what doesn't.

Random Numbers

While I appreciate some people use numbers significant to them, such as birth dates or favorite numbers, there is no excusing the choices some individuals make. Although "Matt" is never going to be available, can people not use their imagination to some degree? Why do we see "matt67392" when he could have chosen something more personal like "Permanent Matt" or something.
All it shows is a lack of imagination and it implies that you were the 67392nd person who wanted to be called Matt, which is especially silly when the name is too obscure to warrant a number to differentiate it from others.

Think You're Cool?
Whether they are a little 13 year old bully-victim or a 45 year old man living with his parents, some gamers will always like to think that they are an assassin, or a legend of some sort. Do you belong to a 17th century warrior class in feudal Japan or are you just some oily twat? Thought so, so don't put samurai in your name then.

Additionally if you choose to call yourself some variation of a sniper, then you have to expect abuse if you ever stray from your self-assigned duty. You are in no way a legend, even if you did once get a triple headshot.

  • AsssssinLegend
  • No.1 Sniper
  • stealth_ninja
  • Silentkiller
IP Naming
Do you like being a walking advertisement or are you just obsessed with one game or film? Oh wow! You're a member of the UNSC! Do you want to be friends?

  • (UNSC) Spartan1129
  • (ODST) Link Yeah
  • (*WaW) Sith_lord_my_Dad

Poor spelling
Seriously, it costs 800MS points to change your name; at least look up the spelling before you pick your tag, lest you will be forever destined to appear as a dyslexic burns victim.

  • Uncompetative
  • BestSnipar
  • Master Cheif
Horrible presentation
The worst gamertags, even if they got everything else right fall ill to poor presentation. If I can't read it straight away, then you have failed. This encompasses L337speak, random xxXxxXxxx all over the place, ||names with lines||, aLtErNaTe_CaPs and general ineptitude.

  • hOtShOt982
  • St3a1thNinjA 23
  • killleer3789 (er.. okay these ones are real)
  • BliNg905
  • xXxSniperxXx
The ultimate pissy gamertag -- which manages to include almost everything I hate -- is genuine, unlike the others on the list which I pretty much made up, though I imagine most of them are probably real anyway.


Next Week: Wii friend codes that annoy me

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