Personal Plans for a Gaming Window

However bad the raincloud gets, there is always a sliver of silver lining. I recently bored you all with how big my raincloud had been getting and it has now developed further and I am to undergo surgery in a few weeks. If you really want to know why, feel free to click here; an operation that will keep me out of action for about a week. Inspired by tales of vasectomy patients who use the surgery recovery time to enjoy guilt-free gaming for a week, I have chosen my silver lining. The thing I am not so sure about is which game to invest my time in. I have a few to choose from, thanks to my chronic laziness outlined last month, so do you think that you guys could help me choose?

  • Star Wars: Force Uneashed
    I’ve had this since launch and I’ve only played the first two levels. From what I gather it isn’t really all that good a game, but I do love a bit of Star Wars.

  • No More Heroes
    I don’t have the game, but I bloody love Killer 7 and I feel sorry for my under-used Wii. The main problem however is that it may require too much waggling and shaking for someone in bed feeling sorry for themselves.

  • Fallout 3
    I’ve also had this since launch and I haven’t touched it yet. I love Oblivion and I can imagine this can get massively intense. If it is at all similar to KOTOR, then this has got to be the first choice. I’m not sure if it is going to be a big gamble to invest all that time and find that the story is lame, or that the environment is too samey.

  • Fable II
    I’m noticing just how much I suck now; I’ve had this since launch and I’m only about 3 hours in. Despite the original Fable being in my top ten of all time, for some reason this game has failed to capture my imagination. Does the game get much better after the 3 hour mark, or is it a case of copy and paste?

  • Gears of War 2
    I completed the first, but haven’t given this beast a go yet. I prefer co-op, but I no longer live with my shooting game buddy. Is the game good enough single player and a worthy way to spend my bed-ridden time, or should I wait until the summer to complete it with my brother?

  • Fracture
    Unlikely to win my time this one, nonetheless I am keen to experiment with the physics engine. If someone can provide a compelling argument for this one, I am prepared to take the plunge.

  • EVE Online
    I have never properly played any subscription based MMO and EVE is the game that attracts me most, more so than World of Warcraft. Will this be the end of my life or shall I give it a chance?

  • Prince of Persia
    I played it at TGS as was somewhat underwhelmed, but I have been recommended to play it. I love Sands of Time and I hear the achievement points aren’t too taxing. I imagine I’ll get bored if I play this solid for a week.

  • Dead Space
    A hot favourite so far, just the sort of game I think it is okay to play all night. Might get a bit un-scary if I play through it all in one weekend.

  • COD: World at War
    I’m stuck on veteran because the game is grossly unfair and plagued by sloppy design, so is a week of online play instead a good idea? I’d love to become a god at the multiplayer and improve my rank of 49 and my kill/death ratio of 1.17.

  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
    It really is about time I played this, before it starts to look dated. Alternatively I could give the old girl a run-out (Lara, not my mother).

  • Rock Band
    I can just about cope on expert in the Guitar Hero games on the easy songs, but I am yet to play Rock Band. It would be cool to nail those solos on the hardest difficulty setting and to finally compare the two music games.

  • Whore Myself Out
    I could just spend the whole week getting easy achievement points. I have a copy of Madden 06, TMNT and Fight Night round 3 that all need whoring.

    Jesus, for a games journalist I’ve got a mountain of games to play. If a game is not on this list, it is very likely that I have already completed it but still feel free to add something you feel I may have missed out. Let me know what you think would be the most effective use of my time. No comments about doing something productive like learning a language or how to play an instrument please; I’m trying to milk this surgery for as much guilt-free gaming as possible!
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